Monday, November 24, 2008

Maryland Nov 6

After we left West point we went to my Uncle Eric’s house. My cousins: Logan, Erin, Lauren, and Duncan were a lot of fun to play with and I could have had more fun without my sprained ankle but I’m getting around pretty well now. We had Halloween and I was a guy in a black cloak that gave out candy with a broken ankle. (To see brothers costumes look at their blogs) We had some company, the Tones. Yes the same Tones as Canada. The very lovely Mrs. Kathy and her kids, Alex and Jack. We had a ball, even with a sprained ankle. We went to this cool corn maze and I went through the longest path on crutches. I shot a boat with a pumpkin cannon that shoots, Guess…………Pumpkins! The Boat was an old fishing boat suspended 40 feet in the air. In other words it wasn’t illegal. We had so much fun. After they left we did school for about the following 4 days and I just completed my math test 40 of 160. I’m catching up!

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