Sunday, November 30, 2008

Paris 11/28/08

When we came into Paris it was dark. The stars were shining and the moon was gold. We came to our Youth Hostel and set up our beds. Then we went to bed. The next morning we called our former aupair, Yolanda. We organized a meeting by the Louvre, a famous art museum. While we were waiting we went inside and bought tickets. There were lots of naked statues that were fighting to the death. The paintings on the ceiling and walls are called Murals and there were lots of them. The Museum itself was a piece of art. A giant glass pyramid marks the underground pillars holding up the ground. We saw the Mona Lisa! It was fantastic. It was created by Leonardo Da Vinci himself! He has captured the very small degree of her eyes to make it look like she is always looking at you. No matter where you are standing in the room her eyes seem to follow you. It’s kind of creepy. Also you can’t tell what she’s thinking. She looks happy, sad, proud, and lots of other emotions, but you just can’t tell what one thing she’s really feeling.

Then we saw Yolanda and her boyfriend, David. *Robby talks in a very good French accent* (Paris is the city of love, no?) We had a great time looking at the Arc de Triumph, The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and Notre Dame Cathedral which is like the Flagship of all Churches. Then we went to lunch and I had a sausage on a warm, crisp, combination of a croissant and a piece of bread. Then we walked through the town aimlessly and saw the Seine River. We took the Metro to the Eiffel Tower. By now it was dark and when it gets dark they light it up in a dazzling wavy hue of blue. It’s amazing! We went to all three floors by elevator and saw practically all of Paris. In the dark of night, the Blue of the tower, and the lights of the city was beautiful. And every hour, for five minutes, they randomly flash 50,000 white lights that make it look even more dazzling. Despite everyone’s ooohhhh’s and aaaaahhhhhh’s something was missing. I never really figured out but something was definitely missing.
Oh well, then we said our goodbyes to Yolanda and David and went to bed. In the middle of the night, some bozo hit the fire alarm. So everyone woke up, some went downstairs, and then we were told to go back to bed. Imbecile! Finally we went to sleep and almost couldn’t wake up at 9:00 the next morning. Then we packed up and left. Goodbye Paris!

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