Friday, December 19, 2008

Back in Maryland 12/17/08

Hi people, I’m doing school again, for the umpteenth time. We haven’t done much, but we visited River Birch Court again. The place where I spent most of my life, remember? Oh well, if not go back to the 22nd of November. I also went to a Roller Blading place last night and it was really cool. It was called Wheels. They had disco balls, and slushies, and those little colorful balls that spin around and shine different colored lights all over the place. We also went to my dad’s friend, Mr. Pancho’s, house. He has a son, Francis, who is really good at the piano, and then we went to Francis’ High School after hours to attend a Christmas concert. It was really cool and sounded just like a symphonic orchestra… I know because I went to one a couple of years back. Francis played percussion. Then we went home and did school. And yesterday we went to the dentist. But besides that it’s been school, school, school. Now I have to go do more…….. School! Bye!

We’re back from Europe! We went to the airport after Mrs. Lisa’s house and boarded a flight within 2 days. Then we took the long 8 hour flight back to America. It was good to be back. Anyway I’ve been doing nothing but catching up on school since. That’s all... Bye.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

France and Switzerland, 12/01/08

When we saw the vineyards my mom got really excited. She said that we were almost there! After 7 hours of driving we were ready to see the place where my mom stayed for a couple of months with a family during the crush period. (In the fall where the grapes are just right to be picked and begin to turn into wine). We met the really nice family that housed her. Mr. and Mrs. Perrachon and their 3 daughters (all in High school or have a job), and their son, Julien, in high school as well. We played French billiards, and racing games while my parents and Julien’s parents talked about wine. We stayed the night at Chateau Bonnet. It’s their house, or mini castle, or whatever you want to call it, and it’s huge! It’s surrounded by vineyards all in rows, some of which are over 100 years old! But my mom says that when picked just right, and crushed just right, and aged just right, it goes from grapes to amazing red wine. Then the next day, we got a tour of the place and left. Of course we bought some wine first.
Next, we drove 8 hours to Switzerland! We met one of my dad’s and mom’s friends, Mrs. Lisa and her husband, Mr. Frits and their dog, Fargo the Wonder Dog! Yea, that’s right, just like the movie! We had tons of fun, mostly throwing giant snowballs off a 1,000 ft dam in Switzerland. The dam is 2 miles from their house, which is over 800 years old, and like a mini-castle. It has a lot of candles and fireplaces to stay warm in the winter time back in the olden days, but now it has a heater so they aren’t used as much. But they still look nice! Now I’m blogging in their ginormous living room. Unfortunately, our plane leaves tomorrow so we’re going to drive and leave the mini-castle and Fargo, Ms. Lisa, and Mr. Frits. But Ms. Lisa made my dad Promise to come back in the summertime. So later today we’re leaving. That’s all for now. Bye!