Friday, October 31, 2008

Oct 29

After the Naval base we went to West Point. This was America’s one and only Army College. It also just so happened to be where my Dad went to college to join the Army. So we met some of his friends, then went to bed. The next day we met more of his Ol’ college buddies. Then we went to an Army football game. We won, the opposing team, Louisiana Tech lost 14 to 7. The Army Mules rule! Then we went to a tailgating party with another Ol’ college buddy. They had lots of food and served it on a limousine’s tailgate. That’s right, a limousine, and 36 feet of pure luxury! I got to go inside. It was awesome! Leather everywhere and LED lights that change color as you drive. Very relaxing. Then we went and met Colonel Johnson, his two kids, Bradley and Noel, and his wife, Mrs. Johnson. Very nice people. They had an X-box 360 and let us play it while Dad and Mom “caught up on old times.” We had a Nerf-gun war with 50 thousand bullets and 5 different guns. If you are going to have a Nerf gun war and you get to pick your gun, I recommend the N-strike long shot. Very powerful, good accuracy and desirable range. Very effective. Then we went to Colonel Haskin’s house and met him and his wife, watched Lord of the Rings, and ate dinner. They were very good people, and made very great food! We went to bed and the next day was similar. More friends, a tour of West Point Recreational facilities, which was mainly off-limits except to residents (teachers and students). Although this day was different from all the other travel days since Alaska. I suffered a major medical condition. It was just wrestling, but Will used a one-leg take down and I went down alright, hard. I hit the ground and twisted my foot while doing so in a drastic attempt to stop my fall but it was too late. I wound up in the Emergency room with a swollen ankle the size of a basketball. Ok, Ok, baseball. Then we went to the X-ray room. Much pain, and agony but I managed. I was tough and the doctors twisted my foot and asked “Now does this hurt?” Finally, after much ice and wrapping and unwrapping and wrapping again of gauze we returned home within 2 hours of my being there. Then off to bed. The next three days were nothing but school and I really don’t want to re-live that amount of school, and pain, and sitting in one spot for 6 hours at a time with a foot as frozen solid as an ice cube. No-sir-E! And now I am currently leaving West Point in a gauze bandage and more work to attend to. Wow, college hurts, and there’s a lot of work and I’m not even part of their curriculum yet!

We came to an Air Force Base near the City of Boston. There was a nice campground there that was run by MWR. We made camp and went to a restaurant with my Dad’s cousin Sally and her friend Jeffery Bump. We had a fabulous Boston Clam Chowder in Boston, and it was creamy and delicious. Then we went back to the campground and went to bed. The next day we took the “T” into Boston because it was too crowded to drive and it was fun. We saw Fenway Park, took a trolley (my very first) saw Paul Revere’s House and lots of other cool monuments. When we were done in Boston we got back on the T and went home. Then we went out to dinner at Mr. and Mrs. Orlov’s House. I liked the cornbread. Then we went back home and to bed. The next day was driving and school. We were at a Naval Base this time and the campground was cute. 5 slots! That’s the smallest I’ve ever seen! At dusk we went to a public Halloween party… it was NOT scary! Then we went home. The next day we packed up and left heading for CT. Bye!

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