Monday, November 24, 2008


We are in Belgium (see map on Home page). We have also been to Luxembourg. We saw the Grand Duke’s Palace there and saw why the people of Luxembourg have been terrorized by invasions from foreign countries. (If you didn’t know that they were, they were, and now you know) They were terrorized many times because of their geographical and strategic point. They were on a cliff which made a good defensive area, and a continuous supply of water by a fast moving river. We also saw a cathedral with beautiful stained glass, high ceilings and lots of cold, smooth stone called alabaster. We played at a giant park that was supposed to be a sunken Pirate ship. Then we went and stayed at a Youth Hostel for about 10 Euros a person. (A euro is about 1.20 American dollars so it is worth more) The next day we went to Belgium and stayed at another Youth Hostel in the city of Mons. There was a fair going on and I went through the haunted house. It was in pure darkness and I wasn’t scared. A couple of sensors and lights and treadmills don’t get me scared. But they did Sam and Ben. There weren’t many traps but the thought of getting scared or getting eaten was enough. Two ladies gat scared and ran past us at top speed. The treadmill was fun. Then we left the haunted house and shot some golf balls with bb guns. I was a perfect shot. Then we stayed the night at the Youth Hostel. The next morning we left and went to Holland. We stayed at yet another Youth Hostel and treated ourselves to dinner pancakes. I know, I was surprised too, but don’t worry it’s delicious.

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