Monday, November 24, 2008

Germany Nov 22

Wow! I really haven’t blogged in a while, but so much has happened. As you all know I am using Calvert Homeschooling and I met my teacher who I mail pretty much all my stuff I do in class to. Her name is Mrs. Clark, she loves to golf (I like mini putt-putt but that strays from the topic) and she’s very nice. Hi Mrs. Clark! *Robby waves at computer camera that’s not currently on* Next we went to a place that I will mention in a minute.
But first for a recap, don’t worry it relates to the present, just an FYI. I was born in Leavenworth, Kansas. Then because my Dad is in the Army we move a lot so after I was born we moved to Baltimore, Maryland for about 2 years. Then Virginia for 1 year. Hanover, Maryland was for 6, and this was my childhood and the bulk of my life. This is where I first went to school and made good friends that I could remember because I was old enough. Then to Austin, Texas for 1 year, and Fort Greely, Alaska for 3.
So the place where I mainly grew up and remembered the most because I was there the longest was Hanover, Maryland. And after 4 ½ years (but it feels more like twenty (even though I’m only 13)) I came back and everyone looks so Big! Scott was my best Pal and he’s all tall and athletic and smart. *Robby sniffles ….. and commences to Bawling* (They grow up so fast!) *Just Kidding* I visited my old school and saw all my old teachers. Well, They’re not really old, they’re actually very young and pretty, but they’re just my teachers from back then so they’re ………… you know ………… old teachers. And my lovely Principal, Dr. Mumford is still happy, and fun, and has a billion stuffed bunnies in her office. It was great! We parked the R.V. in our next-door neighbor’s driveway. We had delicious cooked meals by Mrs. Zelnoski and lots of play time with the Zelnoski Girls and Troy. Then we left. Parting twice is twice as bad as parting the first time because everyone’s more mature, and they just got over you leaving the first time and now you have to do it again.
Then we went to an Army base called Fort Mead, winterized our R.V. and left to the Airport. Do you know why? Well, um, because, let me break it to all of you fans out there softly. *Robby says this next part very loudly* WE ARE ON TO EUROPE! Whoooooooooooo. Germany specifically. And I (for the first time) am blogging in another continent! We saw Heidelberg Castle and the town of Heidelberg. A bunch of strange little cars, and waaaaaaaay different looking houses. It’s very cool and it’s snowing! Not like I’ve never seen snow before but it’s German snow! We saw a giant fort that was made 2000 years ago by the Roman Empire called Porta Nigra in Triar, Germany. It was in almost perfect condition. And the plane ride was practically free because it was military and we are military dependents. The plane ride was a long 8 hours and we watched Hancock, Kung-fu Panda, and The Incredible hulk. They were all great. Now for some fun-facts. It is illegal to wash your car in a public street; you have to pay to go to the bathroom; you get arrested if you swear in public; and they use Euros in Europe. Cool little coins. We ate schnitzel which is deep fried pork. We are almost at Luxembourg.

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