Monday, January 5, 2009

Ft. Meade, Maryland

Nothing has really happened except for school, school, school, and New Year’s Eve! We watched the Ball drop on T.V. and went to the same Roller Skating Rink as last time. We skated till one in the morning and got served breakfast at midnight. My mom tried backwards skating the first time we went. I’m not going to say that she did badly, but she fell a lot. Now she’s a pro. It was a wonderful way to spend New Year’s Eve.
We also had fun going with our cousins to the new Air and Space Museum. We saw all sorts of really cool things, and most of the satellites and orbiters I recognized from space camp. Everything was fun and interesting. They even had a full original of the Enterprise. Not the Columbia that blew up in space. And not the enterprise from Star trek. We watched a fighter pilot movie called Red Flag, in the Museum’s very own IMAX theatre. If I have one word to critique the movie it would be AMAZING. It’s like you’re actually there. But that’s the effect that the producers want you to have. Anyway, I guess that we’ve earned it with all the school we’ve done.
Unfortunately, I was sick yesterday with the flu and practically stayed in my sleeping bag from dawn to dusk and dawn again. But now I feel better and am doing more school today. We also went to the Cryptology Museum. It’s not about crypts, which are where dead people are buried, but a museum about codes, agents, and hiding information. All in all a great place. That’s all for now.

Ok, so we haven’t done much since I last blogged. We haven’t even left the city yet. We went to the bowling alley on post 3 times, the movies once (we watched Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa), the library once, the Muse twice, and Oh yea we went to Uncle Eric’s House for Christmas. I got 4 presents for Christmas. My first present was the Book ART OF WAR by Sun Tzu from my mom. It’s really cool and I read it all the time. My second present was a nerf blow gun from my dad. I can shoot a dart 30 ft silently and accurately. My third present was a couple of chocolates from Santa.
And my fourth was a brand-new Laptop from Santa. Thank you Santa! It’s so cool! It has got all these pre-downloaded games, and no pop-ups. I use it all the time. I don’t need to wait to use the other laptop and I’ve already downloaded all my favorite settings and programs and virus protection. I love it! I’ve even typed and edited 2 reports for Calvert, my homeschooling program. Talking about that, I’ve had plenty of it. We’ve done nearly nothing and way too much school for my likings. I’m ahead of my siblings in school, and do about a lesson and a half of school a day. My dad say’s 10 more days and we’re out of here. I very much hope since so we’ve been here waaaaaaayyyyy too long.

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