Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Florida's West Coast

Wow I haven’t blogged in awhile! Well, here it goes. We arrived at Eglin Air Force Base when it was getting dark about a week ago. We set up camp and went to bed. The next day was lots of school, and we watched the inauguration, which happened to be one of my spelling words that day. President Obama made a really good speech. NBC says that millions, almost billions of people were watching on just their station for the inauguration. If you think about all of the stations filming this momentous occasion there probably were billions of people watching.

Anyway we left the next day after doing more school, and got to Panama City, Florida in about 2 hours, doing school all the way. We stayed at a state park for 3 days and in that time we swam in the Gulf of Mexico, watched alligators at a restaurant, went to Home Depot and had a family bike ride on the dunes. On the 4th day we left to Homosassa Springs where we went to a state park and got to swim with the manatees. One thing, in the movies they’re cute because they’re clean but the ones we swam with were dirty so they just looked fat. But it was still fun. And don’t forget school! Lots of it! I’ve done so much school my passion to learn is turning into what my brothers have, the loathing of school. But I try to stay ahead in my studies and not daydream. I am currently taking my lesson 80 tests which means I’m halfway through the school year. I only have one more test, Grammar. In 3 days we’re going to Orlando for a vacation from this vacation at Disney World! WHOOOOOOOOOOO! We left to Tampa and have been doing school ever since. That’s all for now! BYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEE!

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