Thursday, October 23, 2008


And Hello again! I am on the Road again,*Robby sings “on the Road Again”* *everyone Applauds* Thank you, Thank you. After we left My Uncle Clipper’s we got on the Highway and drove until we got to My Cousin Georgia’s town. We got there and Georgia’s Dad, Cousin Steve, showed us his Artist’s Studio. By now you can tell what he is, a painter. He does these awesome drawings with water flowing, and lighting, and words that flow with landscape. Then we went to Georgia’s friends’ house, the Finnegans, who could make these awesome hamburgers. Then we showed them the R.V. and went to bed. The next morning Cousin Steve dropped by for coffee and to chat with my mom and dad. I put away everybody’s bedding and got ready for school. We did school, and left for my mom’s Uncle Don’s house. They had these amazing flowers and I got to take some Monkshood with me, also known as Wolf bane. Then Ben jumped into a lake that had ice in it. And then we said goodbye and left. And now we’re on the road again. *Robby sings on the road again* *Appalling roars from the Audience* Thank you, Thank you. That is all. Goodbye.

We stopped at our Uncle Clipper’s house and spent 2 weeks feeding chickens, and going to the New York Capital that is supposedly haunted by a dead fruit salesman. We also did 6 lessons of school which is a lot; we played with our cousins Tucker and Avery. Our Uncle Clipper and Aunt Wendy, and Nana and Papa (My dad’s parents). We had fun sleeping under the stars without a tent. We went to a local Boy Scout meeting, in which, I got my Board of Review for Star scout. I am officially a Star Scout! *everybody Applauds* Thank you, Thank you. That is all for today’s Blog session. Bye!

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