Monday, April 20, 2009

Tennessee and Huntsville, Alabama

Ok, a lot has happened since I last blogged. I’ll start with Tucker’s arrival. He flew in at 6:00 PM and we drove home to Arnold Air Force Base in Tennessee. We stayed there for two days leaving the first day to explore a mountain called Lookout Mountain. We saw hang gliders, rich folk’s houses (or castles), and Civil War battle statues.

Then we left (and to Tucker’s great enjoyment) drove all the way to Huntsville, Alabama in the R.V. Just to fill you in, I got a scholarship at Space Camp in Huntsville three years ago and stayed there for a whole 5 days. It was like a boarding school for astronauts if you ask me. This time we had a blast too(he he get it, blast?), running around on that nice sunny day, going on rides, movies, and climbing walls as well as seeing that very familiar museum. All in all we had a good time.

While in Huntsville we had dinner with one of my dad’s friends Mrs. Ronda at our coach. The next night we had dinner at Colonel and Mrs. Lamb’s house. It was a deliciously cooked meal. We went to Mr. and Mrs. Scott Campbell’s house and had fun at their home away from home on Smith Lake. It was a very nice little cabin and we enjoyed ourselves greatly, as did they.

The next day we had lunch and dinner with Lieutenant Colonel Armstrong and his wife and kids at a lake. We also fished, played with their dog and smashed anthills for thrills. Today, we just left the Gargulinski’s house. Mrs. Gargulinski worked with my dad in Missile defense and we played with her boys touring their farm, shooting their air soft guns, all 7 of them, and shooting metal plates with a .22 on their shooting range in the rain. All five of us played Halo 3 with Tony and Chris at the same time! I totally smoked everybody except for Tony.

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