Sunday, April 19, 2009

Madison, FL

Yea, it’s Easter! And the “Easter Bunny” came with all of his stolen bird eggs. My mom woke us all up at 6:00 in the morning to go to an early bird church outside! We’ve gone so far north that we were cold! It must have been 50 degrees outside.

After the gator park in the Everglades, we went to Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Campground. There we stayed for the next 3 consecutive days. We got full hook-ups and we met Yogi and Booboo who stopped by our campsite on a golf cart to hug all the little kids and get their picture taken. Yogi tried to steal my sandwich. Stupid Bear. We met some people and my dad fixed the satellite Antennae. Now we have satellite T.V. wherever we go. I enjoyed the shopping trip mom and I did into the cutest little town called Madison. We saw all the little old buildings and the old grocery store while we shopped. The prices were probably the greatest I have seen so far on this trip. Giant 2 liters of soda for $ .99, not that we got any of them Nana. (She doesn’t like Soda). But we did get watermelon and a whole bunch of fresh fruit for the arrival of my cousin Tucker who is flying in from Albany to stay with us for spring break, as well as Will’s Birthday. We’re driving to Nashville, Tennessee today to pick him up tomorrow.

We had a great week in the last few days; I’m on lesson 119 and 114 Algebra. The reasons I didn’t say week was because on the day after I blogged, Sam and Ben rode Will’s and Ben’s bikes to the front of the R.V. They parked them resting on the very front of the coach while the R.V. was parked for a whole 15 minutes while we waited for the previous occupants of the slot where we wanted to go were still departing.

By the way, do you know those yellow strips of plastic on the front of school busses? The ones that fold in and out while kids have to cross the road to the bus or their house. Well the reason that is there is because the driver can’t see over the dashboard and see the kids. That is there so the kid doesn’t walk too close and the driver doesn’t drive over the kid. Well, the bikes that my complete idiot brothers parked in front of the R.V. (one of which was not theirs I might add!) were in that area and when my dad did not see them HE DROVE OVER THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND IT IS ENTIRELY BEN’S AND SAM’S FAULT!

Ben cried out of stupidity and self-pity and Sam was so cold hearted that he only wimpered and didn’t even shed one tear. Will cried, I cried, Dad swore. By the way Will’s bike is $380, and is a 21 gear mountain bike with gray chrome finish. The mechanics said it would cost $100 to repair but it cost more around $250. Ben’s Bike cost $50 and was a mongoose. Both of them were expensive and totaled. AND IT IS COMPLETELY BEN’S AND SAM’S FAULT IF I MIGHT ADD. Of course as soon as it happened Ben tried to find someone else to blame.

Otherwise our week was fine. We visited Judy and Pascal and played with Luc and Lea and had a blast. We also went to the Earnest Hemmingway Museum and went on an Alligator air boat ride. There were lots of cats at the Hemmingway House, who by the way had 4 wives. As for the Alligator Airboat ride, Mom was picked on to wrestle an alligator by the tour guide and we had a lot of fun on the actual airboat. We saw a total of 12 alligators.

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