Thursday, June 4, 2009

Iowa; Liberty, Missouri; Leavenworth, Kansas

We left Chicago after 2 more days of school and w/ all green tests completed; I’m trying a new method of getting everything done in school. Instead of going by lesson I’m going to do things by subject. I’ve already finished science, geography, reading and I’m almost done with history. Anyway, we left Chicago and went to a campground called Country Campgrounds in Iowa and went ice skating at a nearby ice rink.

The next day we continued to Liberty, Missouri where we stayed in a friend of my dad’s driveway. We stayed at the Conge’s (That’s their last name) house for four days and three nights. The first day we pulled in and saw my friend that I played with when I was two or three years old: Christine Conge, age 13. Her brother Mac, age 12, and their mom and dad who said we could call them Mrs. Susan and Mr. Mike were there too. We had fun playing with water balloons outside, and blowing each other up in turns on Halo 3, and playing Werewolf. They were a very nice, kind, outgoing family and we were very thankful and enjoyed being with them. The first night we slept over at their house with Mac and stayed up telling ghost stories. The second night we slept over and stayed up playing video games, and the third night we slept in the R.V. with Mac.

The second day we went to another really nice family’s house. They were the McCloskey family, the parents were Mr. Bryce and Mrs. Michelle, and the kids were Bryce Jr. age 17, and Dylan and Taylor. They’re twins, but fraternal twins. That means that Dylan is a boy and Taylor is a girl. They are both age 12 but are very mature for their age, especially Taylor. We had fun playing in the back yard and watching Taylor with wide-eyes as she’d do all these incredible gymnastics routines. I liked Taylor a lot. We really hit it off, and mainly talked about the R.V. trip, school, and what it’s like to have two or more brothers. We had a good time in short and we all went and watched a good Shakespeare play called “A Mid-Summer Nights Dream”. I wish I could have seen Taylor again, and told her how I really felt about her, but that’s the R.V. life, and the next day I was some 30 miles away in some dumpy campground feeling glum and wishing I was back in Liberty. Bye.

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