Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Well, we have had quite the adventure since I last blogged so let me fill you in. We kept on driving to Chicago, looped around it, and put it on a Navy base next to Lake Michigan. Then we drove into Chicago. We saw all sorts of beautiful parks and flowers and less beautiful old buildings and I’ll tell you one thing, Chicago is a very old but historic city. We drove to McCormick Place, a giant convention center where my dad would take the train for the next 4 days.
So for the next three days we did school at that navy base. Our entertainment was renting a movie from the library and watching it at the coach. We just finished all 32 episodes of Andy Griffith season 4; it’s been a great set of movies, lots of fun came out of those discs.

Anyway, on the 4th day that we were there, we went into Chicago to this really cool museum that we heard about from some friends. It’s called the Museum of Science and Industry. We saw all sorts of really cool exhibits. The whole thing was geared towards kids and we learned so much. Then in light of the 6th Harry Potter movie coming soon, they set up a brand new Harry Potter exhibit with all the props from the very movie. They had sculptures of dementors and people that made the movies and fans everywhere and the gift shop, ohhhhhhhhh. There was a toy or wand replica all over the place and people were buying the overpriced stuff like crazy! Kids with wizards’ hats ran around your legs and couples bought hourglasses. It was very cool though and I was put into the Ravenclaw house for being one of the smartest and the truest.

Then we went to the Wind Convention and met Dad. He paid the five dollar entry fee for us to come as visitors to the convention for 2 hours. We saw sooooooooooo many incredible inventions and other things related to wind turbines. We met the people who make the bases, and the people who make the rotors, air lights, generators, bolts, screws and even 40-ton floating platforms for the ocean. Amazing! Dad met lots of people and I asked lots of questions. The next day we did school, took a dip in the pool, and then we packed up and headed back for Newmar’s headquarters where our ordered parts will arrive and be attached to the coach. Bye!

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